Adobe Certified Associate

Give Your Students' Creative Juices a Shot of Credibility


Landing that first job out of high school or college is daunting. The classic dilemma for students entering the workforce with little or no experience is convincing employers they are capable of doing the job. Talented students now have an effective credibility-building tool they can add to their resumés: Adobe® Certified Associate.

For those seeking employment that requires demonstrating the ability to use digital media needed to plan, design, build, and maintain effective communications, Adobe Certified Associate is a certification program that validates the skills of job seekers.

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Boost Confidence with Up-to-Date Skills


No question about it: Educators everywhere use Adobe software to energize learning in the 21st Century. Like the students who pursue certification, teachers enhance their own teaching credentials by earning an industry-recognized certification. By becoming an Adobe Certified Associate, they can elevate their stature in the classroom and provide a model for students in developing employable skills through Adobe certification.

Certification Helps Prove Proficiency


In an increasingly competitive work world, employers need more than familiar users of digital communications technology to drive successful business outcomes—they need proficient users. With certification, hiring managers will know that work similar to the excellent portfolio they just reviewed can be accomplished efficiently.

What Talents Can Be Displayed through Adobe Certified Associate?


Employment using digital communications skills is growing worldwide. Whether it’s a career in graphic design, Web marketing, video production, or more, becoming an Adobe Certified Associate will help give you the inside track to work in these exciting new fields.

Adobe offers four areas in which to gain certification for entry-level skills:



The Adobe Certified Associate certifications are offered for the following versions: Macromedia version 8, Creative Suite 3, Creative Suite 4, and Creative Suite 5.

Adobe Certified Associate: Integrates Seamlessly into Your Curriculum


To help educators achieve these outcomes, Adobe has built course materials focused on career areas in Web Design, Visual and Print Design, and Digital Video. These course materials correlate directly to specific Adobe Certified Associate certification objectives. Combined, these courseware materials and certifications provide powerful learning tools.

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